How Can I Help?

Nastawgan would not exist without its members, volunteers and benefactors.    This applies to contributions such as working on trails, filling administrative roles, support roles, and the generosity of people that donate financially or in kind. Finally, all members who help, through their input, to navigate the future path of Nastawgan.

Working on Trails

All trail creation and maintainence is done by volunteers.  Periodically, an appeal will go out to gather help for day-trip maintainence excursions or for multi-day camping trips, with a basecamp, that are intended to work on the more remote sections of trails.  Typically this consists of a set of pruners to remove overhanging branches or growth onto the trail. It may also entail the removeal of small windfall and trail obstruction.   For the most part, all that is required for these outings is appropriate clothing and a pair of gloves.  Multi-day trips will require the equipment that you would normally require for overnight camping, in accordance with prevailing environmental conditions.  Of course, the more frequent work on the trails is the spontaneous efforts of hikers.  Trail work can make for relaxing outdoor hiking as the pace is typically slow, distances short and packs are light.

Taking care of business

Nastawgan is a registered incoporated charity responsible to its members and the larger community.  Accomplishing this requires member contributions to fill administrative needs.  This  consists of the vital roles of director, treasurer, book-keeper, secretary and president.  It also necessitates behind the scene support for communication, social media posting, cartography (map making), trail signage, website updating, membership administration, financial reporting, Hike Ontario liason, and government reporting.

The Trail to the Future

The name Nastawgan comes from the Ojibwa word for traditional trails or paths.  The path to ensuring the continuity of our trail system is the input of members, at the AGM, through email, or chatting on the trails.  A lot has been accomlished since the inital vison of Nastawgan; All driven by strong leadership and dedication of members.  It is imperative to have a constant stream of new members with new ideas and an engaged membership with a  willingness to take leadership positions.  If you are interested, please contact any director or drop a line to

Happy Trails

Earl Snider
Membership Administrator