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Nastawgan Trails, incorporated in 2000, is a "not-for-profit" community-based organization with charitable status.  At Nastawgan’s inception, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) and Ontario Parks assisted the founding members with the development of Nastawgan Trails and the creation of its founding documents. The guiding mission: to plan, establish, maintain and promote a four season non-motorized trail network.   With over 2,400 km. of interconnected canoe routes, the Temagami/Temiskaming area has become a world class recreational tourist destination. 

Nastawgan' comes from the Ojibwa word for traditional travel routes developed by the Anishinawbeg/ First Nation people who have lived in this area for thousands of years. For the most part, these routes still exist and are now used by present day adventurers.

Early in Nastawgan’s history, our members collected area information covering economic, tourism and trail studies; an inventory was made of existing non-motorized trails, bush roads, locations having cultural or natural heritage values and other points of interest. The Temagami Land Use Plan, which included allowance for extensive non-motorized trail development, provided the basis for new trail planning.  The result was the creation of a non-motorized trail corridor along the Lake Temiskaming and Ottawa River shoreline. Nastawgan Trails submitted a proposal to the MNR which led to the formal recognition, and protection, of our present-day Ottawa-Temiskaming Highland Trail and other area crown land hiking trails. Nastawgan Trails has served as a focal point for local trail users by enabling the organizing of hikes and get-togethers while fostering a social climate that encourages the sharing of information and ideas.

On an ongoing basis, we are collecting public input about our area trails. Please send your written comments about preserving the trails, what you enjoyed, possible improvements and new trail ideas, to Nastawgan Trails, C/O Murray and Vicky Muir, RR#1, Sawmill Rd., New Liskeard, ON, Canada, P0J 1P0 or email to hikers@nastawgantrails.org . As need arises, we may submit your views as public input to various government agencies.

Les Wilcox

June 2023